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Michael Cogan, Owner
Michael holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, and has worked as a design engineer for several large companies, moving to the San Francisco area in 1966 to work for Ampex and subsequently working for KQED-TV in its experimental days, Michael Cogandesigning and building specialized equipment. After freelancing in video engineering for many years, including being one of the founders of One Pass Video, the first film-style video production house in San Francisco, he worked on field crews for sports and news shows such as "60 Minutes." However, his abiding interests were in music and sound recording. Michael grew up in Northern Virginia playing piano, and later banjo and guitar. He was exposed to bluegrass and folk music and, by the time he hit college, was thoroughly hooked! Upon moving to the West Coast he found many great musicians who weren't heard much outside of California, and decided to make a record of his favorite group, Kenny Hall and the Sweets Mill String Band. One record only—that was going to be it! Unfortunately, producing that record hooked him for life. He founded the Bay Records label and produced 20 albums of folk music through 1977. In order to make these records he had built a recording studio in his garage. The studio grew and grew, until today it's a full-service recording facility. He keeps the old name—Bay Records—from the days of the record label and still loves the music part of the business!

Robert Shumaker, Engineer
Bob ShumakerA chief engineer at Bay Records since 1988, Bob is also known for his excellence in location recording and his specialization in the restoration of analog tapes for transfer to digital and remastering. Since 1969, he has recorded, edited and mastered over 500 released LPs and CDs, has recorded over 1000 live concerts, and has engineered more than 500 live radio broadcasts of concerts. Photo: Sarah Duckworth.

Jeremy Goody, Engineer
Jeremy GoodySince 1990, Jeremy has been recording rap, rock, and reggae in the Bay Area. He broke out of MIDI hell when he began working at Bay Records in 1998 and has since developed his acoustical recording skills with notable acts including John Santos and Machete, the Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra, and John Zorn's Tzadik Records. He is happy to listen to you perform.

Engineer James Frazier is also available to work with Bay Records clients.

Jason Araujo, Assistant Engineer
A lifelong fascination with sound led Jason to pursue a degree in Music followed by one in Sound Arts from Ex'Pression College for Digital Arts. Since starting at Bay Records in 2007, he has had the privlege of working with great jazz artists and engineers who have recorded at the studio. Trained in classical guitar, Jason is also involved in the "black arts" of creating Max/MSP patches for interactive and automated art projects, making grimy electronic music, and turning common household noises into strange atmospheric landscapes. He hopes someday to return to his neglected guitar practice.

Jason Araujo