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Over the years we’ve recorded many religious musical groups and choirs, often doing all of the production work and delivering retail ready CD’s. Here are a few examples:

Song Of The Sheep from Songs of Hope & Healing, Volume II by the Trinity Choir and Friends, Trinity Lutheran Church, Oakland, CA. Solists are Brian Stein-Webber and Carole Parmeter Dyer. Written by Steven Beckham. (P) 2001 Trinity Lutheran Church.

Under the direction of Carole and Tom Parmeter Dyer, the choir and musicians of the Trinity Lutheran Church have produced three lovely volumes of music under the title Songs of Hope & Healing. Although the CD’s are given away freely, contributions have helped to continue their work considerably.

While By My Sheep from Season’s Greetings from the Pot O’ Gold Chorus by the Pot O’ Gold Chorus. (P) 2001 Bay Area Metro Chapter, SPEBSQSA, Inc.

While not actually a religious group, we wanted to include a cut by the Pot O’ Gold Chorus to demonstrate how easily we can accommodate large groups. The chorus is a barbershop style chorus consisting of 45 men. As you can hear, we had no problem accommodating them.

The Anchor Holds from How Sweet the Sound by The Clarewood Singers. Words and music by Lawrence Chewning and Ray Boltz.

In this case, the chorus used a pre-recorded background which they purchased, along with the right to use it. The chorus of around 40 people was all on headphones. The entire CD was made this way.


Having Tea With Socrates from Teazing Socrates by Nika Rejto, (P) 2006 Unika Records. Composition is © 2005 Nika Rejto.

Jazz flutist, composer, singer Nika Rejto is known for, among other things, her gorgeous flute tone. OK, I’ll admit that I’m a bit biased—she’s my wife. But, as you can tell from this track, it is true. And I feel particularly proud of the job I did capturing it. You can check out this and other recordings of her at or —Michael Cogan

Keep A Knockin’ from That’s Alright! by Stompy Jones, (P) 2007 Harp Records. Trad./ Arr. L. Jordan

This is a really good example of the swing revival. Starting with the first recordings by Lavay Smith and the Red Hot Skillet Lickers, our large room and great piano have made us the “go to” studio to record Bay Area swing bands. The acoustics of the main room allow us to set the musicians up somewhat like they would be on stage, near each other and with good eye contact. This prevents the feeling of being isolated when everyone is separated. Check them out at

I Want A Girl (Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad) from Do What Ory Say, Stomp Off Records CD1426. (P) Stomp Off Records. Composition by Harry Von Tilzer & Will Dillon.

Trad jazz has always been a big part of Bay Records, and here’s a good example of it. This is an all-star group featuring members from all over the country, who get together when they can to play festivals, concerts, and to record. Many of these musicians are alumni of the Turk Murphy Jazz Band, a landmark in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years. We did all of the recordings of Turk Murphy in his later years and tons of local bands and groups like this where the musicians were flown in to the area to make a recording. The musicians are set up as if they were on stage and with a minimum of baffles. Most of them didn’t use headphones. It was produced and released on Stomp Off Records, a great trad jazz label in York, Pennsylvania, for which we’ve made many recordings and have done all of their replicating almost from their inception. We’re currently working on the 330th project for them! Check them out at

High Wall from High Wall by the Larry Vuckovich Trio, Tetrachord Music 685. (P) Tetrachord Music 2008. Composition by Bronislaw Kaper.

This is a chance to showcase two different things: The first is the fine playing of the Larry Vuckovich Trio. The other is the recorded sound of our piano. We do get a lot of work based on that sound, which is both due to the piano itself and the acoustics of our studio. The piano is aYamaha C-7D, a 7' concert grand and is excellently maintained by Christopher Johnson. The thing that is unusual about it is that Christopher installed German hammers. While the basic Yamaha C7 is considered one of the best studio pianos available, it does tend to get a little bright. The German hammers solve that problem and make's it one of the most unusual and best sounding instruments around. But enough about the piano. The real star of the CD is Larry Vuckovich. He's been a major force on the local, national, and international jazz scene for years. Check him out at

¡No Esta Complicado! from The Nature of the Beat by Wayne Wallace, Patois Records PRCD006. (P) 2008 Patois Records. Composition © Wayne Wallace, Walacomusic BMI

Latin Jazz has always found a home at Bay Records and many projects have been recorded here. Trombonist/composer Wayne Wallace has been part of the Latin Jazz community for a long time. He’s emerged as a major composer and arranger in recent years and is receiving worldwide recognition. His website is Incidentally, this is also an example of Bay Records working with an outside engineer, something we do often and try to nurture. The engineer, Gary Mankin, is a well-known freelance engineer and has tracked many projects here. He, like many others, is always more than welcome.


Teabag Blues from No Mockingbird by Suzy Thompson, Native and Fine Records 906-7. (P) 2003 Native & Fine Records. Composition by Hank Bradley.

Bay Records started in 1972 as a folk music record label. We put out 18 LP’s in ten years before stopping to concentrate on the recording and replicating side of things. But folk music of all types has always been important here. Suzy was on a few of those original LP’s, and she’s still going strong. Along with her husband Eric, they perform in many styles and modes—Cajun, bluegrass, old-timey and blues, just to mention a few. She made this CD of her own music in 2003. You can order it and others at and check their website at