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CD & DVD Manufacturing

Bay Records started life as a record company in 1972 and has been involved with all phases of record production ever since. We stopped being a record label in 1982 to concentrate on the recording and manufacturing end of things and have produced literally thousands of projects since, starting with vinyl records and cassettes, and now compact discs. We can handle any or all parts of CD production, including mastering, artwork, replication, and packaging. We can do something as simple as reproducing ten CD’s with labels only, to replicating 10,000+ CD’s in retail-ready Digipaks or jewel cases, and anything in between. Our prices are competitive and the quality is extremely high and fully guaranteed. For many years we’ve done all of the manufacturing for Stomp Off Records, a jazz label in Pennsylvania whose owner, Bob Erdos, demands the highest possible quality. We’ve done over 300 projects for them alone!

There are two ways to make CD’s: The first is by replication. The CD’s are stamped, much in the same way records are. This is the method used for commercially released CD’s. The advantage is that it’s faster and cheaper in larger quantities. However, the minimum run is 500 CD’s, and it really doesn’t become economical until you run 1000 or more. See CD Replication prices.

The second method is duplication. The CD’s—usually called CD-R’s—are individually burned like the ones you make in your computer. The disadvantage is that a very few players may have trouble playing them. However, that’s becoming less of a problem as time goes on. Also, the labels are printed using an inkjet printer which is not quite as good as commercial CD labels. However, the differences are small and it does allow making runs of CD’s right down to one. Also, there are a variety of packaging options now available that can make duplicated CD’s compete with replicated ones at very reasonable prices. See CD Duplication prices.