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Sara Glaser is an independent graphic designer who is available to work with Bay Records clients on the design and production of their CD packaging. With over 160 unique CD designs in her portfolio, Sara has worked over the years for musicians from all genres. Her clientel includes R & B's Johnny Otis, women's music icon Holly Near, the acclaimed Eastern European choir KITKA, virtuosic guitarist Alex de Grassi, the groundbreaking Turtle Island String Quartet, bluegrass superstar Laurie Lewis, legendary jazz pianist Larry Vuckovich, and many others.

A graphic designer since 1985 with extensive experience in print design, Sara is able to work with clients to develop and organize their visual elements and written copy into an effective concept for each project. In addition to CD design, she creates web sites, posters, postcards and other promotional materials, books, catalogs, and newsletters.

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You may contact Sara Glaser by email or at 510.595.7779.